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One yard is 3 feet. Therefore a cubic yard is 9 cubic feet. 2 cubic yards will cover 18 cubic feet of stone.

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Q: How many feet of stone will 2 cubic yards cover?
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How many cubic yard will 7749 square feet with 6 inch of stone will cover?

7749 / 32 x 6 / 36 = 143.5 cubic yards

How much stone to fill a 13x17x.5 feet in yards?

4.093 cubic yards

How do you calculate the amount of stone that is needed to cover 7000 sq ft of dirt with 4 inches of stone as measured in yards... I would guess they mean cubic yards?

Well, you would take the 7000 square feet of dirt and multiply it by the four inches of stone to get the 28000 cubic yards of stone. (28000 yds³)

What are the dimensions of 1 yard of stone?

Stone can be measured in tons or yards. Actually yards refers to cubic yards. A cubic yard measures one yard by one yard by one yard (in feet, 3 x 3 x 3). When stone is in a pile, try to estimate the volume in cubic feet, then divide by 27 to get cubic yards.

How many yards to cover 428 sq feet at 3' thick?

47.55 cubic yards . 4" would be 5.23 cubic yards.

How many cubic feet do you need to cover 1700 square feet 4 inches thick?

567 cubic feet or 21 cubic yards

How many yards is 26 cubic feet?

26 cubic yards = 702 cubic feet

How many 2 cubic feet bags will you need to equal 5 cubic yards?

Since 5 cubic yard equals 15 cubic feet, you will need (8) 2 cubic feet bags to cover 5 cubic yards

How do you figure out cubic yards from cubic feet?

Cubic feet 0.037 = cubic yards

How many cubic feet equal 5.2 cubic yards?

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet 2 cubic yards = 54 cubic feet . . 5 cubic yards = 135 cubic feet 5.2 cubic yards = 140.4 cubic feet

How many yards of concrete will cover 700 square feet at 6 inches thick?

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet700 square feet x 1/2 foot = 350 cubic feet = 1226/27 cubic yards(12.963 cubic yards, rounded)

How many cubic yards in 240 cubic feet?

240 cubic feet = about 8.9 cubic yards. (8.88888889 cubic yards).

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