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5 fifths is one whole

5x 4 = 20 fifths = 4 wholes

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Q: How many fifth are there in four whole?
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Does 1 fifth and 4 fifths make a whole?

One-fifth and four-fifths makes a whole.

If 20 counters are a whole how many counters make four-fifth?

20c = 1 whole. 80c = 4 whole. 16c = 4/5 whole.

How much is one fifth?

One fifth of a gallon. The liquor industry started this when instead of raising the price on a quart of whiskey they reduced the bottle size to one fifth. It is four/fifths from being a whole if your a pessimist, If your an optimist you only need four more fiths to make a whole.

How many fifth s are in a whole?


What per cent is four fifths?

80%. Each fifth is 20%. Divide 100% (everything), by 5 (5=one fifth) of the whole.

How many fifth Friday in 2011?

Four of them.

How many is one fifth of twenty?


How many tenths are there in one and four fifth?


How many fifth Sundays in 2013?

four, as usual

How many fifth Fridays are there in 2012?

There are four fifth Fridays in 2012, they fall in the months of:MarchJuneAugustNovember

How many cents are in four fifth of a dollar?

80 cents

How many tenths are equivalent to four-fifth?

Eight of them.