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V= number of vertices

E= number of edges

F= number of faces

For ALL convex polyhedra V-E+F=2

(Euler Characteristic of closed convex polyhera is 2; the genus is 2-2=1)

For a torus (donut shape) V-E+F = 3 (genus is 3-2= 1)

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Q: How many flat surfaces and edges and vertices?
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How many vertices edges and flat surfaces does a cylinder have?

0 vertices 0edges 2 flat surfaces

How many flat surfaces and edges and vertices has the rectangular prism?

6 flat surfaces - known as faces, 12 edges 8 vertices.

How many flat surfaces and edges and vertices has the cone?

a cone has one flat surface one vertex and no edge.

How many vertices surfaces and edges tetrahedron?

Vertices = 4Faces = 4 Edges = 6.

How many Number of surfaces (both curved and flat surfaces Tetrahedron?

A tetrahedron is a triangular based pyramid that has 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices.

How many edges and vertices on a triangular pyramid?

A triangular pyramid is one with a triangle shaped base and triangular sides (4 sides, all of them identical), therefore it would only have 6 edges and 4 vertices There are eight edges in a triangular pyramid, and there are five vertices on a triangular pyramid. Edges are the places where two flat surfaces meet. Vertices are the places where three or more flat surfaces meet. * * * * * The sides of a triangular pyramid need not be identical.

How many Edges faces and vertices's does a cylinder?

A cylinder has 2 surfaces (faces), 0 vertices, and 0 edges.

How many faces vertices edges does a cone have?

A cone has two surfaces, one vertex and no edges.

How many surfaces do a cube have?

A cube has 6 square surfaces, 12 edges and 8 vertices

How many edges vertices and faces does a square based pyramid have?

A square based pyramid has 16 altogether, 5 faces (one of which is the base), 5 vertices, and 8 edges.

How many flat surfaces and vertices rectangular prism?


How many flat surfaces faces and edges corners a cube has?

flat surfaces: 6 faces: 6 edges: 12 corners: 8