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1 terabyte is 1024 gigabyte.

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Q: How many gigabite makes one terabite?
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What is a terabite?

A unit of information equal to one million million (1012) or strictly, 240bytes.

How many KB is gigabite?

Either a million, or 1024 squared, which is slightly more. Which one depends onthe specific definition used.

How many kilobites are in a gigabite?

Depending on the convention used, 1 gigabit is either 1,048,576 kilobits, or it is 1,000,000 kilobits. The latter definition is the official one, and is used far more often.

What add ons should I look for with an Acer netbook?

The Acer Netbook is a versitile machine, but a worthwhile add-on would be a DVD-RW external drive. A 1 gigabite flash drive used in a USB port also makes sense. If you are more comfortable with a mouse, one can also be added as an option.

How many megabites is one gigabite?

In computers, giga is 1024 (2^10) times bigger than mega. In normal metric usage, giga is 1000 (10^3) times bigger than mega. This is due to the fact that computers use binary internally

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How many mtr makes 1kilomtr?

1000 meters makes one kilometer.

How many millimetres makes a feet?

304.8 millimeters makes one foot.

How many billion makes 1 trillion?

one thousand billion makes a trillion

How many pounds makes one ounce?

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How many gigabyte make 1tb?

1024gigabytes makes 1terabyte, just like 1024 bytes makes one kilobyte and 1024 kilobyte makes one megabyte.