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The mass of a 10 kilogram necklace is 10,000 grams. Very heavy.

If the questioner, intended 10 k to refer to value, they should have said what currency and what material the necklace was made of.

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Q: How many grams would be in a 10 k necklace?
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How many grams of gold are in a 10 karat gold necklace with a mass of 28 grams?

To calculate the amount of pure gold in a 10 karat gold necklace, we first need to determine what percentage of the necklace is gold. Since 10 karat gold is 41.7% gold, we can multiply the mass of the necklace by this percentage to find the mass of gold in the necklace. Therefore, in a 28 gram 10 karat gold necklace, there are approximately 11.7 grams of pure gold.

How much would a man's 10 karat gold chain necklace 1 inches long 7.8 grams in weight what is it worth?


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