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At a time only two, but in general, infinitely many.

If, for example, you consider the earth as a sphere, there are the Northern and Southern hemispheres, as well as the Eastern and Western hemispheres. But you could also have the Northeastern and Southwestern hemispheres with the dividing line being the equator rotated through 45% in a plane perpendicular to the Greenwich meridian. Any other angle would also do. And the equator could be rotated through all angles in a plane perpendicular to any meridian.

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Q: How many hemispheres can a sphere have?
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What divides a sphere into two hemispheres?

Its circumference divides a sphere into hemispheres.

How many hemispheres are formed by the grid system?

A: Hemisphere means half of a sphere. REPHRASE THE QUESTION

What is composed by two halves called hemispheres?

A sphere composed of two hemispheres would be called a hemisphere. Each hemisphere is a half of a sphere that are divided by an equatorial plane. The earth, for example, is divided into the northern and southern hemispheres.

What does a great circle divides a sphere into?

two hemispheres:)

When we cut a sphere in half we get two?

We get two hemispheres.

What part of a sphere represents a hemisphere?

1/2 of a sphere A hemisphere is half of a sphere as in northern or southern hemispheres of the earth.

What sphere is Antarctic and Arctic?

The sphere is called planet Earth. Further, you can find Antarctica in the Eastern, Western and Southern hemispheres. You can find the Arctic in the Eastern, Western and Northern hemispheres.

2 equals h of a s?

2 hemispheres in a sphere.

A hemisphere represents what part of a sphere?

A hemisphere represents half of a sphere. It is formed by cutting a sphere in half along a plane that passes through its center.

How man hemisphere's are there in the world?

The word hemisphere means half of a sphere. There are two halves of a sphere. 2 hemispheres.

What is a heimsphere?

A hemisphere is half of a sphere. The Earth is divided at the Equator into the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres. And at the poles into the Western and Eastern hemispheres.

How many spheres does earth have?

The Earth only has one giant sphere. This one sphere is divided into four different hemispheres that can be identified.