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This is not a proper conversion. you are trying to convert time into distance which is not possible, unless you were traveling 60 kilometres per hr in which case there would be 60 km in one hour, for example.

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Q: How many hours in one kilometers?
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If a family drove 7285 kilometers in 5 hours how many kilometers did they drive in one hour?

7285/5 = 1457

If you drive at a rate of 70 kilometers per hour how many hours will it take you to dive 2100 kilometers?

30 hours

How many hours is 533 km?

Your confusing Time (hours), with Length (Kilometers).

How many kilometers is norwood to marmora?

it 3 hours

How many hours would it take to drive 784 kilometers at 120 kilometers per hour?

784 / 120 = 6.533' hours. Or about 6 hours 32 mins.

How many kilometers from Windsor to Guelph ON?

About 300 kilometers or 180 miles (about 3½ hours by car)

Who is going the fastest a driver who travels 140 kilometers in 2 hours or one who travels 325 kilometers in 5 hours?

A driver who travels 140 kilometres in 2 hours!

How many kilometers from bandar ABBAs Iran to Khorromashahr Iran?

1.130 Kilometers 19 hours driving

How many hours must you run if you want to run 27 kilometers at a rate of 9 kilometers per hour?

27 divided by 9 = 3 hours

A goose travels 20 kilometers per hour how many kilometers does it travel in 8 hours?


How many hours to drive 6 kilometers?

It depends on how fast you are going!

How many kilometers for one mlie?

1.61 kilometers = one mile