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One inch metre could be the area equivalent to a rectangle whose sides are 1 inch and 1 metre respectively. This area is equivalent to 39.3701 square inches.

So the question becomes one of finding the diameter of a circle whose area is 39.3701 sq inches and the answer is 7.08 inches.

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Q: How many inch dia equal to one inch meter?
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6 inch dia equals inch meter?

0.152 meters.

Where inch dia or inch meter is used?

"Inch dia" or "inch meter" are units of measurement commonly used for pipe sizes in plumbing and construction. These measurements specify the diameter of the pipe in inches. Inch meters are used when dealing with lengths of pipe measured in meters but still specifying the diameter in inches.

What is difference between dia inch and inch dia?

no differnece

What is difference between inch and inch dia?

one inch is one inch; one inch dia refers to one inch diameter of a circle; it is still one inch

Inch dia calculation factors?

Inch dia = Number of weld joints X Size of the pipe

6 inch weldolet welded to 12 inch pipe what is the inch dia involved?

The meaning of dia inch is the number of weld joints multiplied by the dia of a given pipe size, since the weld joints is on the 6" pipe, the calculations should be 1 weld x 6" = 6 dia inch.

How do you convert inch dia. to meters?

inch dia and inch meter are the terms most frequently used in piping they are used to measure fabrication and piping erection work performance in a unit i.e. within battery limit due to large no bends and fittings ratio of inch dia and inch meter is more than when piping is in between battery limit. ideal value is = ((n+1)/6.48n) if there is no wastage as pipe spools are of standard size i.e. 6.48m(21feet)

What is standard rate in inch-dia fabrication of pipes per day?

standard rates of pipe fabrication per inch dia

Convert 1 meter diameter to 1 meter square?

dia X .785

What is the diameter of a wrestling mat in meters?

Nine meter in dia.

How many gallons in cylinder 9 inch dia X 12 inch long?

This cylinder has a volume of 3.3 US gallons or 2.75 Imperial gallons.

What will be the surface area of pipe if pipe dia is 6 inch and length is 7.5 meter?

Surface area of the pipe: diameter*pi*length but make sure that the diameter and length are both in meters or inches.