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72 inches

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Q: How many inches does six feet have?
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How many feet are in sixty six inches?

66 inches is 5.5 feet (5 feet 6 inches).

How many inches are in six and a half feet?

78 inches

72 inches how many feet goes in it?

Six feet is equal to 72 inches.

72 inches are how many feet.?

six feet tall

Six feet how many inches?

72 in.

How many inches tall is four feet six inches?

54 inches.

How many inches is four feet six inches tall?

56 inches

12 inches by 72 inches equals how many square feet?

Six square feet Six square feet

How many feet is 90inches?

seven feet are 84 inches, so 90 inches are seven feet, six inches (7'6")

How many feet long and inches was the titanic?

Titanic was 882 feet and six inches long.

How many inches are there in twelve feet and six inches?

150 150

How many inches is half a feet?

That would be six inches there slick