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Q: How many inches is the length of the desktop?
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What do you use to find the length of a desktop?

A tape measure, calibrated in inches.

How many inches is the length of a dictionary?

About 10 inches.

How many inches in 5 ounces?

NO inches - inches are a measure of length.

How many inches is a dwarf angelfish?

They are about 4 inches in length.

How many inches was an ell when used as a unit of length?

About 45 inches

How many yards are in 100 inches in length by 108 inches wide?

There are 36 inches in a yard

How many inches are in a tablespoon?

Inches are a measurement of length. Tablespoons are a measure of volume. You don't go from length to volume.

29.52 inches are how many centimeters?

The length of 29.52 inches are 74.9808 centimeters.

What is the area of Bristol board in inches?

It depends on how many inches. Area in square inches = width (in inches) x length (in inches)

How many square inches are in an inch.?

There are no square inches in an inch. Square inches are units of area and inches are units of length.

How many inches are in 286 kilograms?

Inches is length, kilos is weight - they don't translate.

How many miles is 954000 inches?

The measure of length 954,000 inches are 15.05682 miles.