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Q: How many kilometer walk in a day?
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You walk 5k everyday -- what does the k stand for?

kilometer - You walk five kilometers every day.

How many meters do you have to walk before you cover a kilometer?

A kilometer is one thousand (1000) meters. You would need to walk one thousand meters.

What is the longest walking Olympic event?

For men it is the 50 kilometer walk and for women it is the 20 kilometer walk.

How many miles is a ten kilometer walk?

10 kilometers equal 6.214 miles.

How long is a 4k walk?

a 4k walk is a 4 kilometer walk.. that is really long.

How many min. would it take for a person to walk a kilometer?

10 to 15 mins. depending on what you were carrying and if you needed it to be a sustainable pace for a days walk. most people could walk 4k per hour with a large rucksack for most of the day but fitter people could walk up to 6 or 7k an hour.

How many feet in a Sabbath day's journey?

Jews are allowed to walk up to two thousand amot (ells) away from their town on the Shabbat. That works out to around one kilometer (3300 feet).

What is 1 kilometer walk?

1000 meters

How long does it take to walk one kilometer at 4 kilometer per hour?

1/4 of a hour

If you walk 6 km how many meters do you walk?

There are 1000 meters in 1 kilometer. The answer would be 6 x 1000 or 6,000 meters are walked in 6 kilometers

How many kilometer sky DISTANCE from earth?

If there is a street for sky, so it will take seventy years to walk for a human being.

How do you use a sentence with the word kilometer?

I swear, this one really is the last kilometer of the trail.