How many males are circumcised?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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The vast majority of men in the world are genitally intact (not circumcised). In most of the world circumcision is rarely practiced. For example in most of Europe, South America, Central America, Africa, and Asia, probably 98 out of 100 men would be intact. However, in some countries a small minority of the population is circumcised. For example in places like Canada and Australia, around 10% of newborn babies are circumcised.

Circumcision is very common in Israel, where there is a large Jewish population. Circumcision is also practiced among some, but not all, Muslims.

In the United States 25 years ago, the vast majority of men were circumcised, but today a minority of infants are circumcised. Circumcision rates have been falling in the United States since the 1970s. In the 1980s, over 80% of newborn male infants were circumcised. By 2007, when the most recent data from the American Academy of Pediatrics was released, less than 40% of newborn male infants were circumcised, meaning that of boys born today in the United States, more are genitally intact then circumcised.

Circumcision rates vary widely by region in the United States. In the Midwest and southeast, circumcision rates remain as high as 65%, while in the western united states, circumcision rates are generally well below 25%.

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Q: How many males are circumcised?
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Are most Mexican penises circumcised?

No, circumcision is not a common practice in Mexico. The majority of Mexican males are not circumcised.

Are most Bangladeshi penises circumcised?

Yes, circumcision is a common practice among Muslim males in Bangladesh for cultural and religious reasons. It is estimated that the majority of Bangladeshi males are circumcised.

Are there any celebrity male Jews who are not circumcised?

Per Jewish religion; and Islam religion; all males should be circumcised.

Are most Puerto Rican penises circumcised?

Circumcision rates in Puerto Rico are lower compared to the United States, with only about 25% of males being circumcised. This is mainly due to cultural and religious differences between the two regions.

How you may ascertain about a male whether he is a Muslim or not?

Muslim males are circumcised , but then, so are Jewish males. There is no other way, however.

Is it normal for a 12 yr old boy not circumcised?

Most males in the world are uncircumcised.

What is being circumcised mean?

Circumcised means that the man has had his foreskin removed. In Jewish males this normally happens about a week after birth, cicumcision can be carried out at any time though. There are instances where females can be circumcised but I don't know how that works!

Is actor Tom Cruise circumcised?

Yes. Over 85% of American males are circumsised.

Do you have to be circumcised to study Kaballah?

No. As with any other aspect of Judaism, even non-Jews are welcome to study. Generally males only need to be circumcised if they wish to convert to Judaism.

Can circumcision males have babies?

Being circumcised doesn't make the man not to produce sperms so he can still impregnate a woman.

Are most Cambodian penises circumcised?

No, circumcision is not a common practice among males in Cambodia. It is traditionally not a part of Cambodian culture or tradition.

Are most Afghan penises circumcised?

Yes, circumcision is a common practice in Afghanistan, with the majority of males being circumcised. It is often performed for cultural and religious reasons.