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Q: How many meters in 1 roll tie wire?
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How many meters in one roll of tie wire?

how many meters in 1 kilo of tie wire

How many meter in 1 roll of tie wire?

Common lengths for rolls of tie wire are 100 meters, 50 meters, or 30 meters, but there are other lengths available as well. You would need to check the product specifications or packaging to determine the exact length of tie wire on a particular roll.

How many kilos 1 roll of tie wire gauge 16?

1 roll of tie wire is equivalent to 45 kg.

How many meters of 1 kilogram tie wire gauge16?

approximately 53 meters

How long is 1 roll of 16 G.I. tie wire?

A roll of 16 gauge galvanized iron tie wire typically measures around 3.5 to 4 pounds and can vary in length based on the manufacturer, but a common length is around 560 feet.

How may meters are in 1 kilo of tie wire gauge 16?

approximately 50 to 53 m.

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How much tie wire is used to tie one ton of reinforcing steel?

8 or 10 Kgs tie wire is used

How many meters are in 1 kilogram of tie wire?

Without knowing the thickness of the wire or its AWG wire size - and the exact name or type of the nickel alloy used to make the wire - there is not enough information in this question for anyone to be able to answer it! If the question can be asked again, giving that very basic information, someone may be able to give a better answer than this...

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no it means nothing??LOL

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