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10 miles.

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2009-11-02 22:34:14
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Q: How many miles is it if you travel at a speed of 40mph for 15 minutes?
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What is the speed of 2.5 hours to travel 100 miles?

40mph if at a steady pace

What is the average speed of a car if you drove 20 miles in 30 minutes?


What is the average rate of speed in miles per hour for 30 minutes of driving 20 miles?


How long to travel 10 miles by car?

it depends on how fast you travel if you're going about 40mph it will take about 15 minutes It will take exactly 15 minutes at a constant speed of 40mph, to work it out divide the speed you are travelling at by 60 to give you the number of miles per minute then multiply by the number of miles: 60/40 = 1.5 x 10 = 15 minutes and for 30mph 60/30 = 2 x 10 = 20 minutes

A driver sets out on a 20 mile trip At halfway he has averaged 20 mph At what speed must he travel the rest of the way to make his overall average speed 40mph for the trip?

This is a trick question and the only possible answer is "it can't be done". In order to average 40MPH over 20 miles, the entire trip has to last 30 minutes (MPH=miles/hours). At the halfway point, which is 10 miles, at 20MPH it already took 30 minutes to get there, so there is no way to "make up for lost time" - no matter how fast you go, you can't average 40MPH on the trip. Even if you somehow were magically able to travel at the speed of light for the remaining 10 miles, which is 670,616,629MPH, your average speed of the trip would be only 39.999999881MPH, not quite 40MPH.

If you needed to travel 10 miles in 30 minutes how fast would you go?

20 mph. At that speed, in one hour you would travel 20 miles. After half an hour of traveling at that speed, you would have gone 10 miles.

What is your average speed if you travel 10 miles in 90 minutes?

Your average speed is 6.67 miles per hour.

What is your average speed if you travel 116 miles in 157 minutes?

Your average speed is 44.3 miles per hour.

If you travel 6 miles in 40 minutes what is your speed?

Nine miles per hour.

What is my speed if I travel ninety miles in ten minutes?

540 miles per hour

If i travel 7 miles in 10 minutes?

Then your speed is 42 miles per hour

What speed to travel 112 miles in 330 minutes?

20.36 miles per hour.

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