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0.06 miles per minute.

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Q: How many miles per minute if you ran 6.3 miles in 105 minutes?
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How many miles per hour is 105 minutes?

Miles per hour is a unit of speed. Minutes are a unit of time. Without a unit of distance to convert, the two units are incompatible.

How many hours and minutes are in 105 minutes?

1 hour and 45 minutes

How far will you go if you go 50 mph for 105 minutes?

Here's a much shorter answer, showing the process to get there, with unit conversion in brackets:50 [miles/hour] * 1/60 [hour/minutes] * 105 [minutes] = 50 / 60 * 105 [miles] =87.5 [miles].Read my original response for a more in-depth explanation of unit conversion.-dluberger 09/02/2013***Original Answer***It is important to use proper unit conversion techniques here:Speed is a scalar quantity expressed in distance-per-unit-time; since you want to end up with a distance in the same units as the speed, but your speed involves a different time unit, you must convert the given time to the same units, like so:(50 miles / 1 hour) * (1 hour / 60 minutes) = (50 miles / 60 minutes) ; so divide 50 into 60, and leave the new units: [miles / minute], read "miles per minute". notice in the preceding equation, the first "fraction" has hours on the bottom (50 miles / 1 hour), and the next fraction has hours on the top (1 hour / 60 minutes). The reason we do this is because we want to know "If the resultant units must be in minutes, how do I express my speed in minutes?" To do so, we must somehow replace "hours" with minutes. The trick is to remember that a fraction with some number (or unit in this case) on the bottom, multiplied by a fraction with the samenumber on top causes that number to be cancelled.So we get 50/60 miles-per-minute or 0.833 miles-per-minute. Now we can answer the original question:(0.833 miles / 1 minute) * (105 minutes) : the minutes cancel, leaving only the unit miles: 0.833 miles * 105 = 87.5 milesAs a good excecise, take this technique of unit conversion, and try something like:Given a speed of 50 mph (miles-per-hour), how many feet are travelled in 10 seconds?Hint: you have to convert two units, not just one: miles to feet, and hours to seconds.The answer is 733.33 feet. See if you can come up with the same answer.-dluberger 4/10/2010

How many hours in 105 minutes?

1.75 hours, or 1 hour 45 minutes.

How many minutes are in an hour and three quarters?

105 minutes (1 hour + 45 minutes = 60 minutes + 45 minutes)

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