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100 metres in 10 seconds

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Q: How many olympic runners run a 100 meter race?
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How many runners can run in a High school 3200 meter race?

It can vary. I have known some races with 35 runners.

What is a race were runners jump an obstacle?

200 meter hurdles, 400 meter hurdles, 3000 meter steeplechase

How many laps do runners run on a quarter mile track in the 10000 meter race?

24.85 laps

How many laps do runners run on a quarter mile track in the 5000 meter race?

12 and a half laps

What is the area in a 400 meter track?

A race where the runners each run a total of 400 meters.

Of the runners in a marathon through Northeastern Pennsylvania 94.12 percent finished the race If 2125 runners started the race how many finished the race?


'How many runners in a relay team'?

There are four runners per team who compete in a relay. However, teams always have alternates (back ups) in case of an injury or drop out.

How many different orders can 6 runners finish a race?

Six runners can finish in 36 different orders in a race. This sum is reached by multiplying the number of runners (6), by the number of runners (6).

How fast does an olympic runner run in the 800 meter race?

1:45 or lower

Where did Linford Christie run his first Olympic race?

That was 1988 in Seoul. He won silver in the 100 meter dash and the 4x100 meter relay.

How the Olympics started?

The Olympics started in ancient Greece in Athens, it was called the Olympics after the gods of Olympus (The Greek Gods). It was said the Hercules (A myth) found the Olympic games. The Olympic games was to honour Zeus the Greek god of all gods and was also to honour many other Olympic gods (But mainly Zeus) The first olympic event was a 200 meter foot race and fifty years fter that a second race was added, the four hundred meter race, many other sports then followed.

Did phelps win his seventh olympic event?

Yes, According to Omega (this is because of you Milorad), he won his 7th race on the Olympic, the 100 meter buttherfly.