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Q: How many parallel lines does an arrowhead have?
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Does an arrowhead have all the sides the same length?

no because an arrowhead has to long lines and to small lines

How many lines of syamtry does an arrowhead have?

An Arrowhead has got 1 line of symmetry so do NOT beleive what anyone else says!

How many lines of parallel lines does a square have?

A square has 2 pairs of opposite parallel lines.

Can you draw me quadrangle with four parallel lines and know right angles?

If by four parallel lines you mean two pairs of parallel lines, then you would be looking for a parallelogram. An example of a parallelogram is at this address: arrowhead lines along the sides designate that the opposite sides are parallel and of the same length. The single and double lines in each section show that the portions of line in each segment are identically sized.

Does an arrowhead have one pair of opposite sides parallel?