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don't no

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Q: How many polyominoes can be made by joining three squares?
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What three dimensional shape can be made with 6 squares?

A cube

How do you make a rectangle with 2 triangles and two squares?

Draw a rectangle made with three squares. Then put a diagonal line through the center one. Tah-Dah

What can be made from 2 squares that share a common side?

In two dimensions, nothing other than a 2*1 rectangle. In three dimensions, a pair of squares at a variable angle between them.

A boat made by joining logs of wood together?

. a boat made by joining logs of wood toghter

Who made squares?


How many squares can be made in a bingo card?

there are 55 squares in the bingo card

What three dimensional shape is made up of eighteen squares and eight triangles?

It is a 26-hedron and there are more than one configurations for the shape.

Are steel bars made in squares?

Steel companies make steel bars in squares

Why is a cube not a Pyramid?

A cube is made out of squares ONLY. A Pyramid is out of triangles and sometimes with squares.

Are edges of a cube congruent?

Yes, because it is made of congruent squares or equal squares.

What is recycling made into?

they get squashed into squares

Sixteen matches has two squares how do you switch four matches to make three squares?

Assuming the sixteen matches are two squares made up of eight matches each. Two matches on top (horizontal), two matches on the bottom (horizontal), two matches on the left side (vertical), two matches on the right side (vertical). Remove one vertical match from each side from both squares. (A total of four matches) in the same row. Place two of the matches horizontally in-between the two squares both on the top and bottom. Then you'll have three squares.