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Think about it 4!!!!!!!! If you want to turn completely around, 2 for behind or opposite

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Q: How many right angles do you put together to make one full turn?
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Which two angles when added together make 2 right angles?

Supplementary angles.

How many right angles would you put together to make a straight line?

How many of these 30° angles will fit together to make a straight line?

How many pairs of perpindicular sides are there in a square?

There are 2 pairs and together they make 4 right angles in a square which also has a pair of perpendicular diagonals that intersect at right angles

Make a right angled isosceles triangle This is a triangle with a right angle and two equal anles that are not right angles What is the size of these non right angles?

45 degrees. they have to be the same angle, because they are opposite equal lengths, and when added together they must equal 90, so as to make the total of the angles 180.

Two angles which added together make 90' are called?

Two angles which added together make 90o are called Complementary angles

What conclusion can you make about the angle in a right triangle?

Since the sum of the measures of the angles in a triangle is 180°, and a right angle has a measure of 90°, it follows that the other two angles together have a measure of 90°.

How many right angles do perpendicular lines make?

Perpendicular lines make four 90 degree angles otherwise known as right angles.

Does a arrowhead have 4 right angles?

an arrowhead has 4 angles. but no, you can't make an arrowhead out of only right angles.

Can four angles make up a full revolution angle?

Yes 4 angles can make of full revolution or a complete turn of 360 degrees.

What 2 angles make a right angle?

two supplementary angles * * * * * NO! Supplementary angles sum to 180 degrees = 2 right angles. The correct answer is complementary angles.

What are the names for the two angles that added together make 90 degrees?

Complimentary angles.

How many right and obtuse angles make up a hexagon?

There can be 0 to 5 right angles, or 1 to 6 obtuse angles in a hexagon.