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There are approx 5.709*10^45 possible sets of numbers that can be made out of the composite numbers in 1 and 200.

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Q: How many sets in 1-200 in composite numbers?
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What is the similarities between composite and prime numbers?

They are both sets of positive integers.

Are all prime numbers composite numbers?

Not at all. The definition of a composite number is one that has more than two factors - the exact opposite of a prime.

What are all the prime composite numbers?

There is no prime composite number; an integer greater than 2 can be either prime or composite, but not both. Nor can you list all the prime number and all the composite numbers: you have infinite sets in both cases.

Select all the sets in which the number 346 is an element?

There are infinitely many sets: Some examples: {346}, or {346, sqrt(2), pi, -3/7}, or all whole numbers between 43 and 530, or multiples of 2, or composite numbers, or counting numbers, or integers, or rational numbers, or real numbers, or complex numbers, etc.

What is the union of sets if one set is the set of prime numbers another set is the set of composite numbers?

The set of counting numbers greater than one.

Is the union of the set of prime numbers and the set of composite numbers equal to the set of counting numbers?

No. One, a counting number, doesn't belong to either of those sets.

How many sets of numbers go into 20?

Three sets

How many different sets of four numbers can you get from six sets of numbers?

6 if order doesn't matter

How many sets of 3 consecutive numbers in 12 hours?

There are eight sets of 3 consecutive numbers in 12 hours.

How many times can you get 6 sets of numbers from 1 to 28 what are these sets of numbers?

There are 376740 such sets and you must think me crazy if you think I will list them all!

How many sets of numbers can you get from he numbers 4 5 6 7?

from the numbers 4567 we can have 24 numbers

What are the sets of 74?

You can make lots of sets that contain the number 74, for example:{74} {73, 74, 75} {0, 74, 8, 99} The set of integers The set of real numbers The set of complex numbers

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