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This will vary by brand and style carpet.

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Q: How many square feet are in this roll of carpet?
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How do I convert square feet of carpet to yards. I need 40 yards but the roll says it is 1800 Square Feet of Tan Berber Carpet 12' x 150' - what is the formula to convert so I know how many yards?

There are 9 square ft in a square yard. So if you have 1800 square feet of carpet on this roll you only need to divide it by 9. So, the roll of carpet you are looking at is 200 yards.

How much carpet is needed for a room 12' x 20' and 15' x 15'?

The 12 x 20 foot room has an area of 240 square feet, and the 15 x 15 foot room has an area of 225 square feet. That's 465 square feet of carpet. But hold the phone. Carpet is generally sold by the square yard, and a square yard is 9 square feet (as 3 feet x 3 feet is 9 square feet). The 465 square feet of floor is 51.666... or 52 square yards of carpet. It might be necessary to buy some "extra" area depending on the width of the "stock" roll of carpet from which the desired pattern/color of carpet is going to be cut.

Marketa bought a roll of carpet that is 8.5 feet wide The maximum area the carpet will cover is 136 square feet What is the longest possible length of this carpet?

136/8.5 = 16 (length 16m) is the longest possible length of this carpet.

A roll of rolled roofing covers how many square feet of roof?

how many square feet is in a roll of rolled roofinl

How many square feet is a roll 18 inches by 25 feet long?

37.5 square feet.

How many inches in a 6 inch by 25 feet roll?

The roll has 12.5 square feet of material.

How many square feet in a roll 24 inches by 50 yards?

300 square feet.

How many square feet of carpeting are needed to carpet a 12foot 12foot room?

The square footage of a 12 x 12 room is 144 feet. Most carpet comes in 12 foot width or wider. If it is 12 foot wide you just need a 12 foot piece off the roll. If the carpet is wider, you still have to buy that width and will have some waste.

How many square yards of carpet are needed to cover a floor that is 9 feet by 10 feet?

10 square yards. Note, the amount of carpet you have to pay for may actually be more than 10 square yards as you will have to buy the entire width of the roll * the length you need. Assuming it is 12' wide you would need 12 square yards and if its 15' wide you would need 15 yards. No carpet store sells carpet by what you need but only by what the width of the roll is. So if you need a 10 x 9 piece, the carpet only comes 12 foot wide so you would take home a piece of carpet 12 x 9.

500 square feet is how many yards of carpet?

55.56 yards of carpeting. Just divide the feet by 9 and that gives you the yards. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above will give you square yards of floor, but you need to know what size the roll of carpet is. Example, if the carpet comes on a 12 foot roll and the room is 10 by 20 (200 sq ft or 22.22 sq yrd) but you would have to buy 12 by 20 (240 sq ft or 26.66 sq yrd). You need to determine the size of each piece of carpet and then figure your squre feet /9.

How many square feet does one roll of wallpaper have?

8,435 sq. feet

How many square feet in a roll of R13 insulation?