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Q: How many times a day does a baby go pee?
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How many times does a baby pee in a day?

roughly 7-9 times!

how many times does the average dog pee a day?

3-5 times a day

How many ounces a newbornbaby pee a day?

You can't tell because every baby is different and depends on how old the baby is.

How often should a six month baby pee?

depends how much milk it gets average is 10-13 times a day

How many times a day does a 1 month old pee?

It depends. That's like asking how many times a day does an adult pee! It all depends on how much milk he/she drinks and other things. Probably a couple. It really depends on the amount of fluid he/she has.

" how much should i pee everyday"?

you should pee atleast 3 times a day

What do men do three times a day on average?


How many times does a persone pee a year?

An average person would pee 1,825 in a year. Because an average person would pee 5 times in 1 day. So it would be 365 x 5 = 1,825. If that answers your question.

Why do I pee 15 times in a day?

Drink a lot of liquid the day before.

Can monkeys pee 5 times a day?

well if the monkey drinks a lot in the morning, he will indeed pee 5 to 150 times at night!

How often should you use the restroom a day?

poop 2 times a day, and pee 4 times a day, and fart 14-15 times a day IS NORMAL BELIEVE IT OR NOT

How many times should you wee a day?

There really is no set amount. Most people pee 2-3 times per day but that can go up if you are drinking a lot of water or go down if not and you are sweating a lot. As long as you are not dehydrating and there is no discomfort when you do pee it is OK.