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Forever. No joke. Since there are decimals, you can halve something to trillionths and even further

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Q: How many times can you half something?
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How many times can you get scared half to death?

As many as you like until something does scare you to death!

Doing something many times?

doing something many times ------ce

How do you do 50 percent times 130?

If you times something by 0.5, you have to half the number. So 130/0.5 = 65

How many times can an a4 piece of paper be folded in half?

Any paper can be folded in half for 6 times.

How many times do 6 go in to 63?

10 and a half times.

How many times does 14 go into 133?

Nine and a half times

If you have 800 gallons and you have to add half an ounce of something per gallon How many ounces do you have to add?

Ouch ! This will be a tough, complex process of calculation. 800 half-ounces = (800) times (1/2) = 400 ounces

How many times is is the rhythm quarter quarter half found?

6 times

How many times will 14 go into 175?

Twelve and a half times.

How many times does 80 go into 280?

Three and a half times.

How many times does 40 go into100?

Two and one half times.

How many in 2 and a half dozen?

Half a dozen is 6 which is 3 times 2.