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VERY MANY more times than a sober driver. Being intoxicated greatly weakens your ability to focus on driving.

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Q: How many times more is it likely for intoxicated drivers be involved in a crash or fatally injured than a sober driver?
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Is the average BAC among fatally injured drinking drivers 16?

Yes, it's about 0.16.

What would happen to the license of a drivers who involved in an accident and did not stop to help persons who were injured?

Your license could be suspended or revoked even if people are not injured.

How many times lifetime most drivers will be involved in a serious crash where people are injured or killed?


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What happens if only a small percentage of the total blame is assigned to the licensee when someone is injured by an intoxicated person?

Even if only a small percentage of the total blame is assigned to the licensee, the licensee may still have to pay for all of the damages of someone injured by an intoxicated person.

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