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That depends on what substance the question refers to.

For example . . .

Gold: very few tons

Diamonds: even fewer tons

Enriched uranium: several tons

CO2: copious tons

Trash: megatons

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Q: How many tons does the US generate per year?
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What weighs 251.3 million tons?

Americans generate 251.3 million tons of garbage per year.

How many tons of barley is produced per year in the UK?

6,769,000 tons in 2009.

How many tons of apricots are produced per year?

a lot....

How many fish get fished every year?

It is 100,000,000 tons per year.

How many tons of pumpkins are grown in Illinois?

It varies from year to year, of course, but it averages around 250,000 tons per year according to the USDA.

How many tons of iron are produced each year?

Approximately 1.9 billion metric tons of iron are produced globally each year.

How many fish are caught per year?


How many million tons of carbon are sequestered by all forest lands in the Philippines per year?

3155 per year

How many tons of sugar does Mexico produce per year?

5000000 tonnes<3

How much tons of belgium chocolate is prodused a year?

172,000 tons per year

How many tons of sugar produces by India per year?

In the last year for which statistics are available (2012), India produced 28.3 million tons of sugar. The amount varies a lot from year to year.

How many tons of uranium does a power plant use?

A typical nuclear power plant uses around 25-27 tons of uranium fuel per year. This fuel undergoes nuclear fission reactions to generate heat, which is then converted to electricity.