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There are countless number of shapes and triangles. Some different types of triangles are iscoleses, right and scalene. Some shapes are circle, triangle, square, hectagon, octagon, prism.....the list goes on and on and on......

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Q: How many types of triangles are there and how many shapes are there all together?
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Brian cut out 15 paper shapes. Two thirds of the shapes were circles The rest were triangles Ow many shapes were triangles?

The answer is five triangles ?

How many triangles can fit in an square?

It depends on the size of the square and the sizes and shapes of the triangles.

How many shapes does a pyramid have?

A pyramid has 5 shapes 4 triangles and 1 square.

What shapes make up a triangle?

There are technically many shapes that could be put into the form of a triangle, but only triangles can make real triangles (without getting into more complicated shapes).

How many shapes can you make with 6 equilateral triangles?


What kinds of body shapes are there in the world?

There are many different types of body shapes. Some of them are; apple shaped (triangle downward), Banana shaped (straight), and pear shaped (triangle upward), and hourglass (triangles opposing).

How many plane shapes in square pyramid?

2 shapes; 1 square base and 4 triangles.

How many shapes of faces does a rectangular pyramid have?

Two. Triangles and a square

How many 3 sided shapes are there?

There is only the triangle, but there are an infinite number of triangles.

What are all the shapes in geometry?

There are a great many different shapes that are in Geometry. There are squares, circles, triangles, rhombus', and hexagons for example.

How many shapes are in a triangular pyramid?

Four triangles (one on the bottom and the 3 sides).

What can tessallate?

hexagons, triangles, rectangles, trapizoids, and many other shapes. circles do not tessallate