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Q: How many vector may be added by the polygon method?
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Can the triangle law of vector addition be used for many vectors?

no because triangle only contain three vectors and if many vector are added then they cant form a triangle

What is the formula for how many sides are in a polygon?

There is no formula for how many sides there are in a polygon; the name of the polygon shows how many sides it has.

How many angles do a polygon have?

It depends on what the polygon is.

What is an angle of a polygon?

There many angles but it depends on what polygon it is

How many edges dose a polygon have?

It depends on the polygon

How many degrees is in an irregular polygon?

That depends on how many sides the polygon has

In big-m method the subject to constraints are equality type then how many artificial variables will be added?

one only one artificial variable to be added

Can vector method be used to calculate ship floating condition and stability?

In theory, yes. But in practice there are likely to be far too many variables to do the calculations in a meaningful way.

How many corners does polygon have?

it depends on what polygon it is a polygon is any closed figure with no curved sides

If a polygon has exterior angles that measure 36 how many sides does the polygon have?

A regular 10 polygon

Who many angles does a Irregular polygon have?

an irregular polygon is a polygon that is the opposite of a regular polygon in a regular polygon the sides are the same and the angles are the same and irregular is the opposite.

How many corners does a polygon have?

A polygon has as many corners (vertices) as it has sides.