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A pentagon has 5 verticies.

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Q: How many virticies does a pentegon have?
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How many Sides does a pentegon have?


What is a virticies?

verticies are corners

What is virticies?

verticies are corners

How do you find the perimeter of a regular pentegon?

what is the perimeter of a pentegon?

How many vertices does a pentegon have?

A pentagon has five vertices.

How many side are in a pentegon?

A pentagon has five sides.

How many diagonals does a pentegon have?

A pentagon has 5 diagonals.

How many triangles can a pentegon be divided into?

Three or more - up to infinitely many.

A pentegon has how many line segmants?

A pentagon has five line segments.

How many virticies does a square-Based pyramid?

A square based pyramid has 5 vertices, 8 edges and 5 faces

How many triangles are in a pentegon?

Any number that is greater than or equal to 3.

How many degrees in a pentegon shape?

Exterior degrees 360 Interior degrees 540