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Q: How many ways can the letters in FACTOR be arranged so that the first and last letters are vowels?
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How many ways can the first five letters of the alphabet be arranged if each is used only once?


If the letters of computer are randomly arranged in all possible ways what is the probability the word begins by a vowel?

If the letters of computer are randomly arranged in all possible ways, the probability the word begins with a vowel in five out of 26, or 0.1923. You do not need to consider any other letters, or any permutations or combinations, because you only asked about the first letter.

How many ways can the letters of the ambulance word be arranged?

this is a combination question. Assuming the letters cannot be used again and all letters make words of the same length you do the following: There are 9 letters so: it is 9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 = 362,800. Because it has 2 of the same letter (a), I think you should take away from this 8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1, i.e. take away 40,320. So I think the answer is 322480. I am not sure if this is right, but the methodology of the first part (i.e. no repeating letters) is correct

What are the number of different ways you can arrange the letters MORGAN?

The first letter can be any one of the 6 letters. For each of those . . .The second letter can be any one of the remaining 5 letters. For each of those . . .The third letter can be any one of the remaining 4 letters. For each of those . . .The fourth letter can be any one of the remaining 3 letters. For each of those . . .The fifth letter can be any one of the remaining 2 letters.The total number of different ways they can be arranged is (6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2) = 720 .

What is 32000000 first factor?

It is divisible by 2, which is the first prime number.If you want to factor it, you can start by taking out a factor pair of (2 x 5) for every zero it has at the end.

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Who develop the vowel letters?

The Akkadian alphabet was the first to have vowels, before that all letters were consenants-Hebrew for a long time had no vowels.

What percent of the first ten letters of the alphabet are vowels?


How many different ways can the letters of the word offices be arranged so that all the vowels always come together?

The different ways the vowels can be arranged together is 3x2x1 = 6. The number of places this arrangement can go within the word is 5. This means there are 30 possible arrangements for the vowels. The consonants can be arranged amongst themselves with 4 possibilities for first place, 3 for second, 2 for third and 1 for fourth. This gives us 4x3x2=24 combinations. So with 30 possible arrangements for the vowels, and 24 for the consonants, this gives us 720 possible ways of arranging the letters in the word offices so that the vowels always come together.

What are acronyms terms?

acronyms are arranged to chose the first letters of any name or compounded words for company or offical name etc to make a word, in which consonats followed by vowels. in this way two letters can be taken from a word. it is pronounced as word.

What English football teams have no vowels in first 5 letters?

Crystal palace

Football team with no vowels in first five letters?

Blyth Spartans AFC

Name with 6 letters and 4 are vowels The first letter and last letter are the same vowel three of the vowels are the same and the last 4 letters form a common name?

"Eugene" is a name that meets these requirements.

Do the Greek and Hebrew alphabets have letters for vowels?

Greek has letters for consonants and vowels, and is the first writing system to have both.The Hebrew alphabet only has consonants, and originally had no way of writing vowels. A system for indicating vowels using dots and dashes was developed in the 10th century and is used today in some books, particularly prayer books, poetry books, and children's books. But most publications do not include vowels.

English football team with no vowels in the first 5 letters of name?

Crystal Palace

What is the Greek aphabet?

Its an alphabet that is Greek. It has 24 letters. Its an evolution of the Phoenician alphabet and a predecessor of the Latin alphabet. It was the first to have strictly only vowels and consonants as letters.

How fiction books are arranged in a library?

They are normally arranged by the first three letters of the authors last name and non fiction books are normally arranged using the dewy decimal system

What is the consumerism era?

Enjoy it . First know what's consumerism. It's a word made of 11 letters which have 4 vowels & 7 conso .& era is a word with 2 vowels & a conso. By Prabhat

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