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American Football - NFL and collegiate A team has 4 downs to go 10 yards, and earn a new set of downs. Otherwise the ball control goes to the opposing team. Downs may be replayed if a penalty is ruled and accepted.

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Q: How many yards does a team have to go for a 1st down?
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How many yards is a 1st down?

10 yards

What is the longest NFL 1st down and goal how many yards is the goal?

The longest NFL first down and goal distance is 99 yards. The goal line is located at the end of the football field, so it remains the same distance of 10 yards from the line of scrimmage regardless of the field position.

What is a down in American football?

Its one of the four chances that a team gets to move the ball. Theres 1st down and 10 yards. If they get positive yardage on that play, say 6 yards, its now 2nd and 4. If they get 3 yards on second down, its now 3rd and 1. Now they need 1 yard for a fresh set of downs (A whole new set of four). A First Down is whenever a team gets enough yards to pass the yardmarker (usually 10, unless there is a penalty or a negative play).

What does 1st and 10 mean in football?

it means it's the first down and ten yards to go until the next first down

What does fourth down and 12 mean in football?

It means that the team is on it's last attempt at a touch down and they have 12 yards to the end zone. They have the option to go for the touch down or punt. In American football, the offensive team has 4 plays, called downs, to advance the ball 10 yards. If the offense cannot gain 10 yards on four plays possession of the ball turns over to the other team. If the offense can advance the ball 10 yards in four plays (this is called a 'first down' and you would hear the announcer say '1st down and 10') they get another four plays to advance the ball another 10 yards. The term '4th down and 12' means that the offense has one more attempt to make a first down and they need to advance the ball 12 yards to do so. In a situation like this there are three scenarios: 1) The offensive team will punt the ball to the other team because they are close to their own end zone and should they not gain 12 yards on 4th down the other team would get possession of the ball and have a very good chance to score points. 2) The offensive team will attempt a field goal if they are within the other team's territory on the field. 3) The offensive team will attempt to gain 12 yards on a 4th down if it is late in the game and they are behind in the score. It means that if offense can't make the 12 yards in the next down, the ball will be turned over to the other team. In general, it means "punt".

What does it mean1st down in football?

Ok so the team playing offense has 4 chances to go 5 yards. Each chance is called a down. So a 1st down means they completed their first chance. -saf13

What does first and goal mean?

1st down ball somewhere inside of the defense's 10 yard line. 10 yards for a 1st down, however in this case the goal line is before the 10 yard marker: resulting in 1st down and goal to go!Football is played in short segments called downs. A team has four downs to advance the football. A down begins when the ball is snapped, and ends when the ball becomes dead. This usually means that the person carrying the ball is tackled or runs out of bounds, or the ball is thrown by the quarterback but is not caught. A team is able to get a new set of downs with each net gain of 10 yards. Since some downs might result in the ball moving backwards, a team might need to advance the football further than 10 yards in a down to achieve a first down (new set of downs). Note that these downs aren't cumulative. If the team, during their second down, gets a first down, they don't have a total of 6 downs. They would start at first down, and have four downs to attempt to get another first down or to score.In describing the down, it is common to give both the down (first, second, third, or fourth down), and the number of yards required to receive a first down. Thus, 2nd and 7 means that a team is on their second down, and need to advance the ball 7 yards to achieve a first down. If a first down was achieved within 10 yards of the endzone, instead of giving a meaningless distance, "goal" will be used to indicate that the team no longer can gain a first down by advancing the ball, and instead has only four downs to score. Thus, 1st and goal would mean that it is the first down, and the team has no more first downs left. Typically, the team will be close to the endzone, unless penalties have moved them back.

What is a down and in football?

The team that takes possession of the ball (the offense) has four attempts, called downs, to advance the ball 10 yards towards their opponent's (the defense's) end zone. When the offense gains 10 yards, it gets a first down, or another set of four downs to gain 10 yards. If the offense fails to gain a first down (10 yards) after 4 downs, it loses possession of the ball. Click on the web link at the bottom of the page for more information.

When would a football team decide to punt?

If the team is down to their 4th down and have yet to make the 10 yards to get to 1st down again, a team would either set up for a field goal if they are in range, or simply punt the ball instead of attempting a 4th and long.

How many yards are in a holding penalty?

A ten yard penalty. (1st and 10 to 1st and 20)

Why does the team punt the ball?

because it is safer, because if you dont punt it and go for the first and dont make it the other team has a beeter chance in scoring then if you would have punt it Football is a game of field position. If you try to make a first down on fourth down and fail, the other team will gain possession of the ball 40 yards or so closer to your end zone than they would if you had punted on fourth down. The situation of the game will dictate whether a team tries for a first down on fourth down. If it is late in the game and the team is behind, maybe they will try for a first down on fourth down. But almost always in other situations the team will punt on fourth down.

What does a first down mean in football?

In football, a first down is when the football is moved forward at least 10 yards since the last first down was called. It is the first set of four attempts to begin the cycle again. As with any large goal (a touchdown), it is important to break it down into immediately acievable goals. It is very difficult for any one player to win a game alone, but they can push to get a first down every time they touch the ball. You wouldn't want tto throw a "Hail Mary" every play because the odds are against you being able to score that way.