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How many square yards are equivalent to 71 square feet?

- You must first figure out how many square feet to a square yard.

- Imagine drawing a square yard out on the ground, 1 yard by 1 yard.

- Since a yard is equal to three feet, this is equal to 3 feet by 3 feet.

- So a square yard = 9 square feet.

Now, back to your question:

- Divide 71 by 9 to get 7 and 8/9, or 7.889 square yards.

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Q: How many yards in 71 square feet?
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How many yards are 213 feet?

213 feet = 71 yards.

How many feet in 71 yards?

213 feet.

How many feet are in 71 yards?

213 feet ( 3 feet in one yard so 71 yards X 3 feet = 213 feet)

How many feet are 71 yards?


How many square feet equals 71 acres?

3,092,760 square feet = 71 acres

How many square feet in 71 acres?

There are 3,089,484 square feet in 71 acres. This conversion can be calculated by multiplying the number of acres by 43,560 (the number of square feet in an acre).

How many square feet in 71 x 36 inches?

144 square inches = 1 square footA rectangle with those dimensions has area of(71 x 36) = 2,556 square inches = 17.75 square feet.

How many yards of fabric are needed to make a 96 inch square table cloth?

9 square feet = 1 square yard96 inches = 8 feet8 feet x 8 feet = 64 square feet = 71/9 square yardsYou probably need to add some fabric for hemming ... such things are a completemystery to me and entirely beyond the scope of my expertise.If you need 1 more inch all the way around for hems and seams, then that wouldadd about 3/10 square yard, for a grand total of 7.4105 square yards. (rounded)

How large is 71 acres?

71 acres is 3,092,800 square feet or 0.11 square miles.

23 yd 2 ft equals equals?

71 feet are in 23 yards and 2 feet

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71 cm = 2.33 feet (approx).71 cm = 2.33 feet (approx).71 cm = 2.33 feet (approx).71 cm = 2.33 feet (approx).

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An acre is defined as any area that is 43,560 square feet, and therefore doesn't have any set dimensions as it can be in the shape of a square, rectangle, triangle, etc. However, the dimensions of an acre that is a perfect square is about 208. 71 feet by 208. 71 feet.