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Q: How many yards of fabric will you need for 4 patio cushions that measure 24 x 27?
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How many yards of fabric to cover a couch?

How many yards of fabric you will need to upholster an average chair will depend on the type of chair. A chair without a skirt covering the legs will need approximately five yards. A chair with a skirt will use about six yards of fabric.

How much fabric is need to upholster 6 25 x 25 dining room chair seats?

That depends upon how thick the cushions are. I'll take a guess that you need about 5 1/2 inches on each side to go down the sides of the cushions and still have enough fabric left to tuck in so that it will hold. That means that you will need a piece of fabric 36"x36" for each of the six seats. If you go with 72" wide fabric, then you will need 3 yards.

"A circular patio has a diameter of 4 yards. What is the area of the patio"?

Im not sure.

How many yards in a bolt?

A bolt of cotton fabric for quilting is usually 15 yards; 42"-43" wide. A bolt of fleece fabric is usually 10 yards for licensed fleece fabric, and 10-12 yards for non-licensed fabric.

How much fabric is required to upholster a wing back recliner?

My quasi-educated guess would be around 7 yards. Depending on the size and style of the chair, it could be as low as 6 yards or as high as 8 yards. If the fabric has a repeating pattern or the chair has a skirt you may need as much as 11 yards. Take digital pictures of the chair from the front, back and side and measure it height, width and depth. Take the pictures with you when you are looking for upholstery fabric and ask for assistance with the yardage.

3 meters of fabric how many yards is that?

There are 5.4680665 yards in 5 meters of fabric. 5 meters x 1.0936133 yards/1 meter = 5.4680665 yards 1 meter = 1.0936133 yards

How big is 3 yards of fabric?

9 feet of fabric

Francine needs 12 yards of fabric She has 108 inches How many more yards of fabric does she need?

There are 36 inches in one yard, so 108/36 = 3 yards, therefore Francine need another 9 yards of fabric.

If you have 6 yards of fabric you need 14 feet of the fabric?

If you have 6 yards (or 18 feet) of fabric and you need 14 feet (or 4 2/3 yards), you have 4 feet (or 1 1/3 yards) moe than you need.

5 feet of fabric is how many yards?

In the USA, fabric is sold by the yard (3 feet). In metres, in most countries.

5 yards of 60'' wide fabric equals how many yards of 57'' wide fabric?

Area of first piece = 5 yards * 60 inches = 300 inch-yards Suppose length of equivalent area of 57" fabric is x yards then x*57 = 300 or x = 300/57 = 5.26 yards (approx).

How many yards of fabric for a sash?

The amount of fabric needed for a sash will vary depending on the size and width of the sash. As a general guideline, you can estimate around 1/4 to 1/2 yard of fabric for a standard sash. It's always a good idea to measure and calculate based on the specific dimensions of the sash you plan to make.