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how to get 1600 mulch which is money in bin weevils

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Q: How many yards of mulch needed to cover 1600 square feet at 2 inches deep?
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How much mulch would you need to cover 880 square feet at 2 inches deep?

Mulch is often sold by weight in bags, but a volume is assigned to the material in bags, too. We'll treat this as a volume problem as we have an area to cover (880 square feet), and a depth of coverage assigned (2 inches). We have to find the volume of that 880 square feet by 2 inch volume. First, we need to convert either the area in square feet to square inches, or the depth in inches to feet. The latter makes more sense (and it's easier), so let's do that.The 2 inches is 2/12ths of a foot, or 1/6th of a foot. We'll go with that. If we have 880 square feet by 1/6th of a foot in depth, we have 880 square feet times 1/6 feet, which is 146 2/3rds cubic feet of mulch, the required amount of mulch to cover the given area to the desired depth.

How much space will 12 yards of mulch cover?

About a 1,944 square foot area at 2" depth of mulch. Roughly equivalent to 12 parking spaces.

How many 2 cubic foot bags of mulch to cover 308 square feet 3 inches thick?

3 inches = 1/4 footVolume = (308 x 1/4) = 77 cubic feet.That's (77/2) = 38.5 bags

The diameter of this semicircle is 15 feet. One bag of mulch spreads 6 square feet. How much mulch will be needed for this area?

The area of a circle is the product of the square of the radius squared and the number pi. The area of a semicircle is half the area of the corresponding circle. The diameter is twice the radius. Therefore, the area of this semicircle is pi(15/2)2/2 = 8 X 101 square feet, to the justified number of significant digits -- only one, since the value 6 has only one. At 6 square feet of mulch per bag, over 13 bags of mulch will be needed; therefore, 14 bags should be available.

How many square feet will one yard of mulch cover if spread three inches deep?

I presume 1 yard of mulch means 1 cu yard of mulch 1yd = 3ft 1 cu yard = 1yd x 1yd x 1yd = 3ft x 3ft x 3ft = 27 cu ft. 12 in = 1ft 1in = 1/12 ft 3in = 3/12 ft = 1/4 ft volume = area x depth => area = volume / depth = 27 cu ft / (1/4 ft) = 108 sq ft.

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How much does 5 yards of mulch cover?

The 'square feet' of area that it covers is 1,620/(depth of the mulch, in inches)

How many sq yards does 2cubic ft of mulch cover?

(22/3 square yards) divided by (depth of mulch in inches)

How many square feet will 1 yard of mulch cover at 3 inches thick?


How much will 1 ton of mulch cover?

15 square yards at 3 inches deep.

How much mulch is needed to cover 400 square feet?

For 1 foot deep, 400 cu ft. For 3 inches deep, 100 cu ft.

How many square feet will one cubic yard of shreded hardwood mulch cover?

It depends on how thick the mulch is applied. For example, if applied at an average depth of two inches, the cubic yard of mulch will cover 162 square feet. If applied at an average depth of four inches, half that area or 81 square feet, etc.

How many yards of mulch will it take to cover 1500 square feet 2 inches deep?


How many square feet will 1 yard of mulch cover at 2 inches thick?

162 sq.ft.

How many square feet will 1 cubic yard of mulch cover at 2 inches thick?


How much mulch do you need to cover 1 square foot six inches deep?

Half a cubic foot.

How many yards of mulch is needed to cover a play area 60' x 35'?

That's 13 cubic yards of mulch for every 2 inches deep.

How many square feet will one cubic yard of mulch cover?

One cubic yard will cover a 324 square-foot area with one inch of mulch. However your mulch should be 2 to 3 inches thick to maintain moisture and prevent weed growth. Be careful not to go to thick or you will cause mold to form in the mulch.

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