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Q: How much does a 14 INCH pizza box weigh?
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A pizza shop sells a 14-inch pie that is 2 inches deep. what should the dimensions of the pizza box be?

To accommodate a pizza with a diameter of 14 inches, the box should be at least 14 inch * 14 inch * 2 inches.

How much does a empty pizza box weight?

I was looking for this as part of a carbon footprint calculator exercise, this website had the weights of some common boxes. 153 Grams is the average weight of a pizza hut box.

Would a 8 inch circle pizza fit into a 8 inch square box?

Is the 8 inches of the pizza the diameter or circumference? Is the 8-inches of the box the area of side length? If the diameter if the pizza and the side length of the box are both 8-inches, then the pizza will barely fit. If the circumference of the pizza is 8 inches, that means that the diameter is 8/pi = 2.546..... and that would fit in a box with side lengths of 8-inches. If the box's area is 8-inches, that means the side lengths are the square root of 8=2.828.... A pizza of diameter 8-inches won't fit, but a pizza of circumference of 8-inches will.

How much saturated fats are in pizza?

Look on the box or look it up on the website of the place that made the pizza.

How much does a corn flakes box weigh?

check the box. Or weigh it.small are 750gm - large 1 kilo

How much does a box of guarters weigh?

Well that depends. What is the box made out of?

How much does box of cereal weigh in grams?

It depends on what box of cereal it is

How much does a box of VCT weigh?


How much does a 47 inch Phillips LCD TV weigh?

Weight incl. Packaging (lb) 62.61 Product weight (lb) 44.09 Product weight (+stand) (lb) 53.57 lb Box width (inch) 53.11 inch Box height (inch) 29.37 inch Box depth (inch) 10.47 inch

What is the item in a pizza box that keeps the box from sticking to the center of the pizza?

the grease in the pizza helps so that it doesn't stick to the box

How much does a box of quaters weigh?

A standard box of quarters containing $500 worth would weigh approximately 13.5 pounds.

How much does a box of matches weigh?

Twice as much as half its weight