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Weight is related to an objects mass and acceleration due to gravity not its volume.

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Q: How much does an object weigh if its volume is 40 cubed cm?
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What is volume weight and density?

volume is how much space is in an object (an object with more volume would be bigger) weight is how heavy an object feels due to gravity (an object with more weight would be harder to lift) density is how much matter is in an amount of space (an object with more density would weigh as much as an object with less density but in a smaller space/volume)

How much does 1ft cubed weigh in pounds?

1ft3 of what?

Does volume affect an objects weight?

No, the volume of an object does not affect its weight. Weight is determined by the force of gravity acting on an object's mass, regardless of its volume. The density of an object, which is the relationship between its mass and volume, does affect its weight.

How much would someone weigh under water?

It depends on the density of the object that weighs one pound, and how much of it is under water. The object will weight 1lb - water density * object volume under water; If the object is on average is less dense the water (i.e. is buoyant), and is allowed to swim, its weight will be 0 because proportion of its volume under water will compensate gravity exactly.

How much does a cube weigh if it's volume is 27 cubed cm?

It depends upon rhw density of the cube. The cube's mass (weight?) is related to its volume by the relation: mass= volume X density Equal sized cubes of feathers and gold have quite different masses.

How much does 1 cup of cubed bread weigh?

1 3/4 ounces

What do you measure to find out how much space something occupies?

If the object is a box, then the volume is the length x width x height. If the object is a cylinder, then the volume is pi x radius x radius x height. If the object is a ball, then the volume is 4/3 * pi x radius x radius x radius.

How much does the volume of the substance weigh?

Volume does not weigh. The two are different characteristics of objects and there is no relationship between them.

How much space in 3 dimensions an object occupies is a measure of the object's?


Does volume tell us how much matter weighs?

Volume "tells" us how much an object can be filled with or how much an object can hold.

How do you work out the density of a solid object?

To calculate the density of a solid object, you divide the object's mass by its volume. The formula for density is density = mass / volume. Mass is typically measured in grams or kilograms, and volume is usually measured in cubic centimeters or cubic meters.

Does how much space an object takes up is its volume?

Yes, volume is how much space an object takes up because volume is like mass in a planet, mass pulls you down just as if volume kept the object from going into space.