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5% interest rate has the multiplier of 1.05 per year.

600 x 1.05^2 = 661.50

interest paid =661.50 - 600 = 61.50

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Q: How much interest would you pay on a loan of 600 at 5 percent annal rate for two years?
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How many years would it take for money to triple in value at 20 percent per year simple interest?

10 years. Compound interest would take 7 years.

What word means 'years recorded events'?


How much would 2000 become in 10 years at 5 percent interest?

If it is not compounded the interest would be 2000x10x.05=1000 If it is compounded then it is different.

Invest 10000 at 5 percent annual interest how much would you have in 3 years?

You will have $11576.25

Ryan wants to place 700 into a savings account for five years He wants to deposit 400 at 4.0 percent interest and the rest in another account at 6.5 percent interest What would his amount of interest?


How many years would it take to double 100 if it earned 7.75 percent interest per year?

10 years

Kevin wants to know how much simple interest he would make in five years on the amount of 250.25 at 5.4 percent interest?


How much is 5 years auto loan at 0.9 percent interest?

That would depend on the original principal (the amount you borrowed) and how they compute interest.

How many years in investing would it take to double your principle?

If the interest rate was eight percent, it would take about 9 years to double your principle.

If you invest 6000 dollars today ata nine percent interest rate what is the amount of interest after thirty years?

The total interest would be 73606.07 dollars, approx.

How much simple interest he would make in five years on the amount of 250.25 at 5.4 percent interest?

He would make 250*(5.4/100)*5 = 67.57

What is the interest on 600 at 12 percent for 2 years?

Simple interest: 144Compound interest: 152.64

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