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Assuming you're referring to modern US $1 coins, the arithmetic is simple:

Each coin is 8.1 mm in diameter. 1 km is 1,000,000 mm. 1 million / 8.1 = 123,456 coins.

And yes, the digits in the answer are in sequence. It's one of those cool little math tricks that happens because 81 is a power of 9 (92, to be specific)

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Q: How much is 1 km of 1 dollar coins worth?
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Assuming that you are referring to a 1938 1 Franc coin from France (KM#885), it is worth, according to the Standard Cataog of World Coins, about US$2.50 in Uncirculated condition and up to US$1.00 in circulated condition.

How much is a Italy Republic KM-96 100 Lire Stainless Steel 1955-1989 worth?

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