How much is 7 feet in cubic feet?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Your question makes no sense.

feet are a measure of length, whereas

cubic feet are a measure of volume.

Volume has three dimensions, each of those dimensions being a length.

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Q: How much is 7 feet in cubic feet?
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How much more luggage space will I get with 7 more cubic feet in a trunk?

Up to 7 cubic feet - depending on how much of the additional space is in a usable form.

How cubic feet are in 7 cubic meter?

7 cubic meters is 247.2 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet in 7 yards of dirt?

There are 189 cubic feet in 7 yards of dirt. This can be calculated by multiplying the number of cubic yards by 27, since there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard.

How many cubic feet is a container 40 feet long 7 feet high 7 feet wide?

40 feet x 7 feet x 7 feet = 1960 cubic feet.

How much is 576 cubic feet in feet?

Question is meaningless. Cubic feet are cubic feet!

How much sand is needed to fill a sandbox 7 feet by 7 feet and 2 inches to depth?

Volume of sand required = 7 ft * 7 ft * 1/6 ft = 49/6 cubic feet = 8.166... cubic ft.

If a Square container is 7 feet on a side How much volume does it have?

Its volume would be 343 cubic feet.

How many cubic yards are in 189 cubic feet?

There are 7 cubic yards in 189 cubic feet. To convert cubic feet to cubic yards, divide the number of cubic feet by 27 (since 1 cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet). In this case, 189 cubic feet divided by 27 equals 7 cubic yards.

How many cubic yards is 7 x 14 x 4ft?

7 feet by 14 feet = 98 square feet 98 square feet by 4 feet = 392 cubic feet There are 9 square feet in a square yard, and there are 29 cubic feet in a cubic yard.... so 392 cubic feet = 14.519 cubic yards

How may cubic feet are there in a 24 inches diametre with 7 feet long log?

Volume = pi*12*7 = 7*pi cubic feet

How much is 50 cubic meters in cubic feet?

1,765.73 cubic feet.

88 cubic inches is how much cubic feet?

0.051 cubic feet.