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A perimeter is the length that goes around a form(that is thr outer boundary of a form). Each form has it's own perimeter.

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Q: How much is a perimeter?
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How much i a perimeter?

The perimeter is defined as the distance around something.

Is the volume the perimeter or the area?

Neither. -- Perimeter = the distance all the way around it. -- Area = how much of the floor it covers. -- Volume = how much water it can hold.

How much perimeter quadrant?

that would be a squere xD

Does The perimeter of a polygon depends upon the number of sides of the polygon?

No, it does not. You can have a large triangle and a tiny quadrilateral. The first has fewer sides but its perimeter can be much much larger.

Why is area and perimeter useful?

When you are buying a house you will want to know how much you land you have (area) and you will also want know how much fencing you need for you garden (perimeter).

When do you use perimeter?

Perimeter is used when you want to find the length of the sides of an object. A practicle use for perimeter would be knowing how much fencing you need to enclose a certain amount of space, but the length of the fencing would be the perimeter.

The distance around a figure is called the?


What is the perimeter of 500 acres?

It depends how the acres are laid out. Is it in a square shape or a rectangle. How much of a rectangle. These are all factors in the perimeter.

What does area and perimeter of a figure refer to?

The perimeter of a field is how far it takes to walk around the edges. The area is how much land it covers. ■

How many feet are there around the perimeter of an acre?

The question as asked cannot be answered. If the field were circular, the perimeter would be the least possible. But for a long thin field, the perimeter would be much larger.

How do you find the perimeter of a circle with just the diameter?

the perimeter is 3 times as long as the diameter Example: if my diameter is 7 inches long my perimeter is 3 times as much so it is 21 inches long

What is the perimeter for a polygon that's area is 20sq. units?

Even if you knew how many sides the polygon has, you stillcould not calculate its perimeter with that much information.Examples:-- An equilateral triangle with area of 20 has perimeter of 20.3885 .-- A square with area of 20 has perimeter of 17.889(rounded).-- A rectangle with area of 20 can have any perimeter more than 17.889 .4 by 5 . . . . area = 20, perimeter = 182 by 10 . . . area = 20, perimeter = 241 by 20 . . . area = 20, perimeter = 42..etc.

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