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Q: How much land do you need to build a 7368 sq ft house on?
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Why is area and perimeter useful?

When you are buying a house you will want to know how much you land you have (area) and you will also want know how much fencing you need for you garden (perimeter).

How much money does it cost to build a 20 feet by 20 feet building?

Sorry this answer is IMPOSSIBLE to answer. Also, wrong category. It could be anything from $0 (if you build it on your parents land or your own land and you already have everything you need to build it) to more money than you can afford if you need to buy the land first and want to build the building out of diamonds. To answer this question you really need a LOT more information. 1) Do you own the land you want to build on? 2) Will you build it or will you hire others? 3) Do you need a building permit - that costs money 4) What materials will you use? Wood? Steel? Glass? Gold? (hehe) 5) What will be inside the building? Do you need pipes, electrical stuff? 6) Do you want to insure it against fire, theft, etc (Need insurance?)

Why did egyptians use numbers?

Because they occasionally encountered the need to measure land, plant and harvest crops, build things, and buy and sell stuff, much as we do today.

What is the meaning of the saying many hands make light work?

The more persons the easier the job is for example Oneperson can build a house but it will take some time. Tenpeople can build a house much quicker and easier. Ever tried doing a job where you wish you had some help. Do you think the job would be easier with another person? Many hands make light work

How much land is on mercury?

100% percent land