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mean annual salary is just under $29,000

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Q: How much money does a dairy farmer earn?
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How much money does a grain farmer make?

Each month a successful grain farmer can earn about 452 RMB on average.

How much money does a chicken farmer earn?

once your farm is paid for about 175,000.00 a year

How much money does a cattle farmer earn?

according to about $38,348 a year(average)

How much money do farmers get weekly?

dairy farmers earn approximatley $3150 a week

How much money does a farmer earn in a year?

The amount of money a farmer earns in a year depends on several factors: the size of the farm, what the farmer is raising, how well the crops do (if he is raising crops), etc. A farmer could actually lose money in some years if he is growing crops and they don't do well.

How much money does a dairy farmer make?

In the United States, the typical dairy farm brings in a yearly net income of $239,800. Farmers in general make an average of $60,750 per year.

How much does a dairy farmer make on milk sold?

A dairy farmer makes very little on milk sold, if he sells it to a larger company. Typically the farmer will get about 10% of the retail value of the milk.

How much did a farmer earn in England 1066?


How much does a Vermont farmer earn yearly?

How many farms are in Vermont and how much does an average Vermont farmers earn yearly?

How much does a farmer earn?

If he has a good year he can earn up to 4 million dollars per year

How much money does a Wisconsin dairy cow produce?

None. Dairy cows produce milk, not money.

How much money does a corn farmer make?

As much as he/she produces