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20' x 21' x 36" = 47 cubic yards, but

20' x 21' x 4" is only 15.67 cubic yards.

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Q: How much mulch do you need for a 20 by 21 play yard 4 inches deep?
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How much mulch do you need to cover 1 square foot six inches deep?

Half a cubic foot.

How much mulch will you need for a 400 square foot playground area?

1 yard of mulch at 12 inches deep would cover 25 sq. ft., so for 400 square feet you would need 16 yards. 12 inches is the depth you need to start with because the mulch will settle.

How much red mulch do you need to cover 100 sq ft 3 inches deep?

25 cubic feet or about 1 cubic yard.

How much bark mulch would you need to order for an area of 2006 meters squared when it comes in cubic meters?

It depends on how deep you want the bark to be, the recommended depth is 2 - 4 inches (5 - 10cm) thus at 10cm deep you'd need 201m3 to cover 2006m2

How much mulch do you need to cover 150 square feet 1 inch thick?

The area covered by one cubic yard of Mulch is dependant on the depth that themulch is applied. At 3" it covers 108 ft2, at one inch it covers over 300 ft2.The 'square feet' of area that it covers is 324/(depth of the mulch, in inches)

How many cubic yards of mulch 2 deep will you need for an area 271 square feet?

One cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 160 square feet at 2" deep, so you would need approximately two cubic yards of mulch to cover 271 square feet at 2" deep.

30 feet is how many bag of mulch?

how many bags of mulch will i need 2 inches thick and 30 feet of ground ?

How much mulch do you need to buy a binpet in binweevils?

you need 1500 mulch to buy a binpet on binweevils

How much concrete will you need to fill a hole that is 18 inches around and 24 inches deep?

about 432 cubic inches

How much mulch do you need to cover 1500 sq ft 3 inches deepp?

1500 x 3 = 4500 cubed ft

How many bags of mulch do i need to cover 112 sq ft 2' deep?

You need (182/3) divided by (cubic feet of mulch in each bag) bags.

How many bags of mulch will you need to cover an area 50 feet long by 5 feet wide by 3 inches deep?

Volume = 50-ft x 5-ft x 1/4-ft = 62.5 cubic feetYou'll need(62.5)/(cubic feet of mulch in each bag) bags.