How much punch for 50 people?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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A lot.

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Q: How much punch for 50 people?
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What is the mpg for 2008 gsxr 600?

40-50 MPG depending on how much you punch it.

How much IS home interior silver punch bowl set worth?

50 to 60 pounds if it is in good condition

How much is a punch buggy?

Now a days Punch buggies are $15,950 to $23,540.People play a game called Punch Buggie. Rules are vary to some people.If you see a bug you punch the person next to you and say "punch buggie (the color of it)"

How much punch do you need for 100 people?

Enough to fill 100 glasses

How much does a himar missile cost?

If I remember depending on the class it can cost over 50 000 for a missle these things pack a punch

How fast does a mantis shrimp punch?

about 50 mph

What is a punch buggy?

A punch buggy is a beetle volkwagon that people punch each other when they see one and say "No Punch Buggie, No Punch Bag"

You need 3 cups of punch for every 7 cups of water how many cups of mix will you need if you want to have 25 people get 2 cups each?

Here we go: First off, if you want 25 people to get 2 cups each, you will need a total of 50 cups of punch (25x2=50). Now, it looks like the basic recipe makes 10 cups of punch (3+7=10). You'll need to make 5 times the punch recipe to serve 25 people 2 cups each. That means you'll need 5x3=15 cups of punch mix and 5x7=35 cups of water. Don't forget the orange slices for garnish. This may be true but coming from me. A kid the 3 cups of punch mix will not add any thing to the water. The punch mix will just disolve

How many joules in a punch?

Depends on how much force is placed into a punch.

How much hamburger do you need for 50 people?

1/3 x 50 people = 17

How much sandwich meat for 50 people?

I guess it takes 5lbs of meat for about 50 people.

Why do you punch your own face?

People may punch their own face in order to implicate other people. Also, people may punch their face as a symptom of insanity, or in a moment of irritation.