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Q: How much rice can be held in a 1 gallon container?
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How many cups of rice in one gallon container?

1 gallon = 16 cups 1 cup = 0.06 gallon

How much cooked rice does 2.25 qt container hold?

a 2.25 quart container should hold a little over 2 quarts of cooked rice.

How much is 30 grams of rice?

It's not a lot of rice. Are you asking how it would cost? How much it is in ounces? How big of container to put it in? You need to be more specific.

Can you store rice and oats in 275 gallon totes with oxygen absorbers just dont have that much luck with mylar bags can i store the rice and oats in a 275 gallon food grade tote with o2 absorbers?

Yes, you can store rice and oats in 275 gallon totes with oxygen absorbers.

How many pounds of rice equals a gallon?

On average, 1 gallon of rice weighs approximately 7.5 pounds.

How will you know if the container is containing rice?

it is heavy

What is difference between volume and capacity?

Capacity is how 'much' can fit into something, E.g. The capacity of a container may be 2 cups of rice or 500 mL of water. Volume is the amount of 'space' that is taken up (whether or not there is something in it or it is solid), expressed in cubic cm (or m or km). how much can be held.

Can you fit 1 million grains of rice in a 1 liter container?

No, 1 litre container can hold about 11,000 grains of rice (if cooked!) You could fit about 50,000 uncooked grains in a litre container

How many metric tons of rice can you get in a 20X20 container?

Assuming the container is 20'W x 20'L x 20'H = 8,000 cubic feet A metric ton is 1,000 kilograms or 2,204.623 pounds Rice (hulled) = 47lbs/CF Rice (rough) = 36lbs/CF Rice (hulled) = 170.5507 Metric Tons in that container size Rice (rough) = 130.63458 Metric Tons in that container size

What is the Japanese name for a Japanese rice container?


Is rice measure in meter or kilogram?

You would measure a rice plant (or perhaps the length of a rice field) in meters. You would generally measure a container of rice grains (for cooking or eating) in kilograms, unless you were concerned about how much space it would take up on a shelf or something like that.

How many 20kg bags of rice in a 20ft container?