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Q: How much should you sell a half of dank for?
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How much should you sell your iPad for?

I would sell for half the price. So that would be $250.00

How much should you sell a transformer for?

The price that you bought it for is the price that you should sell it for if you haven't used it much and it is still in good condition. If it isn't in good condition, sell it for half price. But if your selling it on the internet like E-bay, then sell it for a little cheaper.

How do you sell Mafia Wars inventory?

To sell inventory, click on the inventory tab, put in however many items you want to sell, and then click the sell button. You should know that you will only beable to sell back inventory items for half as much as you originally paid for them.

How much to sell used tires for?

If half worn, sell for about 1/4 new price.

How much do guns sell for in Mafia Wars?

You can sell your inventory items for half the price that you bought that item for.

How much should you sell one bus token for?

You should sell one for about $1.00 to $10.00

How much can you sell a used Nintendo DSi for?

you should sell it for about $75

How much should you sell a ps2 for?

You will do good if you can sell it for $20-25

How much money do farmers make a month?

they ern half of the amount they sell

How much does a dozen and a half oranges sell if they are three for a dime?

Dozen and half = 18They sell @ 10 cents for 3 so 60 cents for 6*3 = 18.

How much should you sell your powerbook g4 for?

i should sell it for 300$ i got it for 250$ but i put 50$ in to it

Your phone is brand new and you want to sell it why wont you get much money for it?

Sell it for half the retail price is. How dumb are you to ask a? Like this