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(7 + 24*k) hours 10 minutes where k is any integer.

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Q: How much time is in between 8 20am to 3 30pm?
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What time was sunset in CA 8-24-10?

Sunrise: 6:20am Sunset: 7:30pm

What time does it get dark in California?

It gets dark in California between 7:30pm & 8:30pm.

What day and time is coronation street?

Monday - 7:30pm + 8:30pm Thursday - 8:30pm Friday - 7:30pm + 8:30pm

How much time was it from the time the titanic hit to the time it sank?

Titanic hit the iceberg at 11:40pm local ship's time (10:40pm New York time) and sank at 2:20am local ship's time (1:20am New York time). That means it took 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink after the collision.

Time the Titanic sank?

April 15,1912. 2:20am.

What is the time left between 420 and 205?

The time between 4:20am and 2:05pm would be 9 hours 45 minutes. 4:20am to 2:05am would be 21 hours 45 minutes. Switching am to pm and vice versa would be the same time differences. However, if you're looking for the difference between 420 seconds left and 205 seconds left, it would be 215 seconds.

What time is the world cup match between Holland and Spain 2010?

Sunday 11th July time 6:30pm

How much time passed from 7 45AM to 3 30PM?

7 hours and 45 mins

What is the time in UK when it is 12AM in India?

Depending on the time of year, it's either 6:30PM GMT or 7:30PM BST.

What time is 15.30?

It is 3:30pm.

If it is 730pm in Melbourne daylight saving time what time is it in Brisbane?

If it is 7:30pm in Melbourne, ADST it is 8:30pm in Brisbane, AEST.

When is 7.30pm in EST TIME?

7:30pm is 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).