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Volume of a cylinder = (pi) x (radius)2 x (length)

Volume of the hose = (pi) x (2 in)2 x (1200 in) = 15,080 cubic inches= 65.28 gallons

That's the volume of the hose. We have no way to tell how much water

there may be in it.

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Q: How much water in 100 ft of 4 inch hose?
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How much water is in 100 feet 1.75 inch hose?

There need not be any water at all in the hose! The capacity of the hose is 1.67 cubic feet.

How much water is in 100 feet five inch hose?

A 100-foot hose with an inside diameter of five inches can hold 102 US gallons of water.

How much water can flow through 5 8ths of an inch hose Diameter times 100?

As much as you want. But a larger quantity will take longer to pass through the hose.

How much water volume does a hose carry that is one inch in diameter say times 100 ft.?

8.15 gallons

How many gallons of water in a 2.5 inch hose 100 feet long?

There need not be any water at all in the hose! The capacity of the hose is 3.41 cubic feet.

How much water in 100 ft of 5 inch hose?

Would that hose be 5" inside diameter, or outside? If the hose is 5" outside diameter, what it the wall thickness? What makes you think that there is any water in the hose? Maybe the hose is new and never been used. You didn't think about that, did you?

How much does a 100 ft section of 2.5 inch in diameter fire hose weigh with water?

That section of hose holds 25.5 gallons of water when it's full, which weighs about 213 pounds. To that, add the weight of the empty hose, which I don't know.

How much does 100 ft of 4 inch fire hose weigh?

100 pounds with couplings, 68 without.

How much does 100 foot of 5 inch hose weigh full of water?

Around 943 lbs. Water weighs 8.33 lbs/gal. 5 inch hose holds 1 gal per 1 foot of hose. So 8.33x100 foot is 833 lbs. Add that to the 110 lbs that the hose weighs empty and you have 943 lbs

Us gallons 100 feet section 5 inch hose?

A 100-foot section of 5-inch hose contains: 102 US gallons.

How much does 100 feet of 5 inch supply fire hose weigh dry?

With couplings, 110 lbs

How much does 100' of 3 hose filled with water weigh?

390.6 lbs

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