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the answer is 13,825 gallons... I just had one installed and this info is in the liner fact sheet. hope this helps.

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Q: How much water is in a 24 x 4 foot round pool?
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How much water to fill a 15 foot round pool?

Depends on the depth of the pool

How much water does an eighteen foot round four foot deep pool hold?

Approximatly 7647 gallons of water, according to my pool records.

How much water in 8 foot round 2 foot deep pool?

2848 LTr OR 752 Gallon

How many gallon of water in a 12 foot by 3 foot round pool?

A 12-foot round pool filled to a depth of three feet contains about 2,548 gallons of water.

How much water will a 20 foot round by 4 foot deep swimming pool hold?

A 20 foot round pool has a radius of 3.2 feet. So the pool has a volume of pi*r2*h = 101.86 cubic ft approx.

How much water to fill a 10 foot round pool?

To fill it the pool to a depth of three feet would require about 1,770 gallons of water.

How many gallons of water in a 2 foot round pool 1 feet deep?

A 2-foot round pool with 12 inches of water is holding about 23.6 gallons of water.

How much earth do you put in your pool 18 round 5 ft deep?

You should not put any Earth in your 18 foot round 5 foot deep pool. You should only put water and cleaners in the pool.

How much sand do you need under a 12 foot round pool?

We put 3 ton under a 18 foot round pool.

How many gallons of water are in a 24 foot round pool 50 inches deep?

A 24-foot round pool with 50 inches of water in it is holding about 14,158 gallons.

How many gallons are in a 4 foot by 24 foot round pool?

This pool has a capacity of about 13,540 gallons of water.

What if your pool 12 foot x 52 inch round how much water? to 65oo gallons of water

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