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Q: How much will fit into a 8x8x16 ft storage container?
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How much liquid can fit into a 1000 ml container?

1 liter

What size of canisters are space effecient for a small apartment kitchen with limited storage space?

That really depends on how much storage space you have. You want to buy the biggest container that will fit in your kitchen and hold what you need it to. Take some measurements of the available space in your kitchen and go to stores like Home Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond and Sears to see what will fit.

How much gasoline will fit in a 5 gallon container?

Roughly 5 gallons.

How many tons of cotton yarns will fit in a 20ft shipping container?

In a 20ft container how much quantities of cotton yarn can be loaded ?

If you were able to transfer a liter of air into a 2-liter container how much of the 2-liter container would be filled?

all of it - the air would expand to fit the entire container.

How much storage can you fit into 16gb of storage?

16 gigabytes of storage is equivalent to about 5 DVD-quality movies, or over 11 thousand 4-megapixel pictures.

Which state will fit into a container of any shape and size?

A liquid state will fit into a container of any shape and size, as it takes the shape of its container.

What can you fit into a metal storage cabinet?

You can fit any thing that isn't food and does not cross the dimensions of the metal storage cabinet. You could put books, pens, dishes, toys, and much more. You decide!

What is container used for?

A container is used to store pretty much anything that will fit into it. Examples, gas can, milk/water jug, tupperware, trash can, file totes.

How many chep pallets can fit into a 20' ocean container?

how many chep pallets will fit in a 20' container

How much kg goods can be accommodate in 40ft container?

A 40-ft standard-size container weight 8,000 lbs. Each pound converts to 0.453592 kgs. The container can fit 3,631.36 kgs of goods.

Can a gas change is shape to suite the container?

Yes it can See a gas it needs to change its shape in order to fit into a container or anything that it can be in for instance....If i had a square container and a cirlce container the gas is going to have to change its shape to fit in to the round container...if the gas starts out in the square container it has to change its shape into a circle to be able to be in the circle container