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(1,100 miles) x (1 gallon/28 miles) x ($4/gallon) = $157.143 (rounded)

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Q: How much would it cost to drive 1100 miles in a van that gets 28 miles a gallon at 4.00 a gallon?
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How much gas should it take to drive 1100 miles if you get 23 miles per gallon?

48 gallons

How many gallons for would you use to go 1100 miles?

one gallon!

How much money in gas will it cost to drive 1100 miles if you get 10 miles to the gallon?

1100/10 = 110 gallons. If the cost of gas in your area is 3.00$ per gallon then 110 x 3 = 330 dollars for your trip

How much money in gas will it cost to drive 1100 miles if you get 20 miles to the gallon?

t will cost you the price of 55 gallons - whatever that price is.

Gallons of gas to go 1100 at 25 mpg?

If you can travel 25 miles on one gallon. Then 1100 / 25 = 44 gallons of gas are needed to travel 1100 miles.

The first car gets an avergae of 25 miles per gallon while the second gets 15 miles per gallon the two cars combined drive a total of 1100 miles in that week consuming 60 gallons of gas how many?

am i doing your hwk

I have a 12 gallon tank and get 22 mpg how much regular fuel will I use driving 1100 miles?

1100 miles divided by 22 = 50 gallons.

If your car gets 24 MPG and gas costs 2.75 per gallon how much will it cost to drive 1100 miles?

Number of gallons = (1100 / 24)Cost = (2.75 x 1100) / 24 = $126.05Factoid: You're spending about 11.46¢ per mile on gas

How long to drive 1100 miles at 70 mph?

A minimum of 15.7 hours.

How many gallons does it take to drive 1100 miles?

Depends on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

How many gallons for a 20 mpg car to drive 1100 miles?

1100 mi * 1 gal / 20 mi = 55 gal

How many miles from Toledo OH to Walt Disney World?

About 1100 miles, or just over a 17 hour drive.

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